Seungjoon Song

SeungJoon Song reexamines
cultural and historical contexts
through the concept of nature,
revealing how prejudices and
misconceptions surrounding the
notion manipulate our reality. 

Song attempts to redefine the
concept of nature from an inter
-relational ecosystem perspective
through design field in order to
deconstruct the binary thinking
between humans and nature.



Missing Species in DMZ Biodiversity

Song focused on inaccurate biodiversity data of the DMZ to reveal the DMZ’s violent reality hidden under the misconception about untouched nature. Since documenting DMZ's biodiversity data is limited by political violence, most of them are estimated from ecological surveys in nearby areas, and there are expected to be many missing species inside. The DMZ is a real space, but it is also a fictional space because we cannot enter there. Song thought the fact that the DMZ could only exist as fiction was the essence of violence that the DMZ has.

The missing species, which are endemic to the DMZ, tell of weird symbiosis, relationship, and evolution with the infrastructure of political violence. Song engineered a new ecology through possible imagination to blur the boundary between reality and fiction. The data that cannot be fact-checked also allows us to experience the reality of this violence. The endemic species were born by scenarios, but no one can be sure that they don't exist there. They may live in the DMZ today.